Bible Reading

"The average person reads 200-250 words per minute; there are about 775,000 words in the Bible; therefore it takes less than 10 minutes a day to read the whole Bible in a year." This article will help you plan as you commit yourself to reading the Word of God: How to Read the Whole Bible The M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan ESV Bible - The English Standard Translation is what we use here at EEPC and we recommend it for you. ESV Study Bible I ESV Online  


In 2014 monthly editions of Tabletalk will be available to our congregation. If you're looking for daily devotions that are spiritually nourishing and help with Bible reading - this is one of the very best resources for you and your family. About II Past Issues II Subscribe at Home Morning & Evening - This twice daily devotional written by the great 19th century preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Print II Online My Utmost for His Highest - Daily devotions by Oswald Chambers published in 1935 and used widely ever since. Print II Online